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Here’s what some of our clients have had to say so far!

  • “Most of us at some point throughout our lives are faced with life altering changes and challenges.  I was faced with one of these monumental moments and knew I needed guidance through it, but wasn’t sure who, where, and what format.  By chance, Michelle’s group class information came across my path at the right time.  ‘Relaxation, Stress Reduction, and Mindfulness group’.  Those words really resonated with me. 

    Michelle’s group dynamic allows us to all share our own thoughts, feeling, concerns, but to also be strong sounding boards to each other.  Though we have all come together in this group for different reasons, we can all very much relate to and have compassion for the others personal circumstances.   I believe a group like this allows a deep inner reflection and therefore, brings about a greater sense of self perception and awareness.

    The environment in which the group is held is so peaceful and tranquil.  Beautiful music playing softly in the background, dim lighting, the aroma of a burning candle, and informal seating.  The relaxation techniques that are incorporated into the class are a wonderful tool that we can all call upon in crisis, or utilize in every day situations.  All of these components combined create this unique and wonderful group dynamic.

    I would highly recommend Michelle’s group therapy to any woman or man seeking a stronger and higher sense of inner peace and awareness for themselves.  We all have the light switch, the group just helps you turn on the light.”


  • Dear Ms. Provost-Wassell,

     Since 1991, I have suffered from delayed onset PTSD directly related to my Vietnam War Special Operations duties. Although I have been in conventional behaviorist treatment since 1991, your hypnotherapy has proven to be very effective in helping me cope with the horrors that I saw in Southeast Asia as a young captain.

         Although I had tried group therapy, which failed miserably, individual therapy, anti-anxiety medications, and even acupuncture, all with mixed results, hypnotherapy brought me a degree of inner peace that I lost in the Vietnam War. Thank you for your kindness and genuine concern for your patients.                                                                



  • “Michelle Provost-Wassell met with my nine year old son for a 3 month period. He was having a great deal of anxiety over a lot of changes going on in our lives, i.e. moving, a trip that ended up being scary, my going back to work, issues with an unsold house that he took on himself to worry about, a change in my husband’s job that kept him gone more than normal, a big medical problem with a family member that worried all of us, but worried my son to the extreme that he thought one of us, his parents, was going to die, and more. We had a crazy end to 2007 and beginning of 2008 and all of this change really affected my son and his being able to feel safe and secure. He was constantly worried about my leaving work and getting killed in a car accident, even though I work in the building next door to his school. He would wake up crying in the morning, dreading having to go to school and be apart from me, even with my close proximity to the school. He would make me promise with tears flowing down his face “Please don’t go anywhere today! Please stay at work!”

    So, when enough was enough I decided to take him to a Christian counselor. I did not like the way he handled my son, talking about him and his bad behaviors right in front of him. Well, with a child having problems with his self-esteem in the first place, even I knew this was not the appropriate approach. I then spoke with Michelle and we decided to try relaxation techniques with him, as a start.

    After the first meeting, I could see a noticeable difference in his behavior and outlook on each day. My son continued going to Michelle weekly and she used the techniques of guided imagery, art therapy, hypnotherapy, and traditional talk therapy to aid in his healing. After about 3 months of a happier, healthier outlook on life and a greater sense of self-esteem, my son had gained the skills to cope with stressors on his own. He is doing wonderfully and we attribute this success and his positive outlook to the skills that Michelle has taught him. Now, he is able to rely on his own inner strengths. Thank you!”

    Grateful mother of a Happier Son  (Roanoke, VA )

  • WEIGHT  LOSS  thru  Hypnotherapy

    “I am a 57 year old female Christian professional so considering hypnotherapy was not something that came easy for me.  I had all these visions of TV hypnosis and loss of control of my own thoughts and actions.  I had talked to people who had tried hypnotherapy to lose weight, stop smoking, etc. and they seemed to have good results.  I had tried all the fad diets and quiet honestly I am not a dieter.  It you tell me I can’t have a certain food that is all I am going to crave for weeks. 

    When I found out that Michelle was using hypnotherapy in her practice, I decided to give it a try especially since I knew I could trust her.  It was not at all like the TV type hypnosis that you see.  It was actually extremely relaxing – probably the most relaxed I have been in years.  Just that alone was worth the experience.  I go way to fast to have time to truly relax.  We talked about what I hoped to achieve and my thoughts about my eating and exercise patterns.  The entire session was based on those things that I expressed that I wanted to change.  After all, it is usually our desire for comfort that triggers our subconscious to reach for food, shopping, etc., whatever it is that we have patterned our thoughts to believe brings us that comfort.  

    The sessions were wonderful, relaxing, calming and I never once felt as if I was losing control – only very relaxed.  I remembered everything that was said and actually heard much of what was going on around me.  I went for 2 sessions – a week apart.  I am pleased to say that I have done great.  My first session was in June and I have lost around “20” pounds since then.  Best of all, I have not given up any of my favorite foods to get here – not even the ice cream!  I plan to come back for a refresher for 2 reasons:  1) I plan to lose another 20 pounds and 2) I am really looking forward to that relaxation once again.    I actually had to go shopping this past weekend – couldn’t pin the old pants any tighter – what a great feeling.


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